Con mi guitarra haré la mejor melodía.

Con mi guitarra haré la mejor melodía.

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Colored Wooden Rugs by Elisa Strozyk

German designer Elisa Strozyk can do no wrong in my book. She crafts beautiful flexible textiles out of wood making you wonder how she did it. Her Colored Wooden Rugs are another piece to her wooden textile puzzle of genius.
Each rug is made up of rows of triangular shapes that are dyed to form various geometric patterns for the floor. Like her other works, the rugs are flexible and move on each side of every triangle letting you sculpt them into crumpled works of art or lay them flat on the floor.

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Danielle Campbell + Austin

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Los pájaros saben que no hay invierno que dure cien años y que, al pasar la tormenta, la primera semilla que brota es el sol.

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